Saturday, October 23, 2010

Got ancient computer parts in the attic? NASA might be interested.

Just read this over at the New York Times. Apparently NASA has been buying old computer parts like 8086 chips and such on eBay because those nearly 30 year old parts are still the type that are used in the shuttle. Crazy to think that todays wristwatches probably pack parts that have more beef than the sort that are used to help launch people into space.

Clocked at a blistering 4.77MHz

In any case, check those basements and attics and put that "junk" up on eBay, because you never know who might be interested.


  1. Crazy. All we hear about is how nasa is wasting billions of dollars on space study and come to find it they're using junk computers to build 'em. Makes you think what the government is really doing.

  2. 4.77MHz?! this is powering the internet right?