Sunday, October 24, 2010

The creeping OCD

I tried to ignore it, I tried to say it wouldn't happen this time. But sadly, my obsessive tendencies kicked in and I stopped my descent into the mountain to nitpick over steps. I had simply been digging downward in a style that allowed me to hop back up if need be, but that nagging voice in my head convinced me I needed to retrofit all my past steps to be proper walkways down.

The view from the bottom

Now, this on its own doesn't like a major cause of concern. I mean in the long run I'm making it more efficient, right? But invariably I know this is probably only the beginning. Soon I'll be beating myself up over a stray block of dirt on the side wall looking out of place.

In any case, I managed to get my steps in order, and make a secondary path deep inside the mountain up to the surface. After stacking some blocks above the door to make sure I don't lose track of it, I decided to take a trip back to the first home nook I had. Even after only this short time, I was taken aback by how cramped and awkward it felt to move around there. After grabbing some things from the storage bin, I left to go see the sights around my newer mountain home.

Just a few nightlights.

Taking note of the visible surroundings, I determined that I need to check out some of the other mountains tomorrow. The current one I'm in just isn't offering up the diversity of minerals that I need. I'm sure if I go deep enough I'll hit better things, but I'd at least like to get some better metal for some armor and such. Especially since I've seen one of those green monsters hopping around the area just looking to ruin my day.


  1. I recommend messing around with water and buckets, you can make interesting monster traps or water elevators to guard your base

  2. I gotta check this out...