Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting settled vs Exploration

As I literally and figuratively dug a little deeper in Minecraft, I quickly found myself torn between wanting to stick to a home base and wanting to just wander the land looking for that awesome sweet spot. After spending the night making my descent in my home cave a little more orderly and manageable (torches ftw), I decided on a strategy of little home bases scattered over the land, with markers to make returning back actually possible.

I got my head in the clouds

Daybreak came and I trekked up some of the local mountains, finding more than a few possible bases. There was no glittering "DIAMONDS HERE" sign sadly, so I had to just pick a path and stick with it. Finding one interesting looking cave in the side of the mountain ended up in a near fatal path that had me inches from falling. Thankfully after a blunder or two I made it somehow inside.

My relief lasted roughly two seconds though, as I heard the gurgling moan of something less than friendly deeper inside. Poking around with all the courage of a mouse, I stumbled upon my nightmare.

The face of fear

Mustering my courage, I swung my sword gallantly and bobbed and weaved back and forth in a less than elegant display of footwork. A deafening explosion that left me a cripple however was how this fight ended. Stuffing my face with some several day old pig meat somehow helped my health situation. I nearly had relaxed when I heard the same exact disturbing sounds from earlier.

Well hey, I wasn't planning on sleeping any time in the next few days.

Thankfully, my knowledge of the past fight and a little dumb luck left me the victor of the next battle. With that out of the way I started to explore my spacious cave that was situated on the side of the mountain. I can't say for certain what lies below, but I do know that I'm feeling a lot more confident in myself now.

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